Elliot, ME custom upholstery services

Custom upholstery, slipcovers, cornices and headboards in Elliot, ME

We offer custom upholstery & custom reupholstery services such as slipcovers, cornices and headboards in Elliot, Maine (ME). We refabricate or fabricate quality furniture from scratch according to our client's wishes. Our fabric selections include Andrew Dutton, Barrow Industries, Burch Fabrics, Charlotte Fabrics, Douglas Industries, Greenhouse Fabrics, Kast Fabrics, R.M. Coco and Robert Allen Fabrics. Residents of Elliot can take advantage of our shop-at-home services and see for themselves how the fabric will "live" in their home.

Slipcovers — Elliot

Coordinating Slip Covers

There are several reasons to slipcover a piece of furniture. You can give your furnishings a fresh new look at a cost savings, compared to reupholstering. The slipcover look can be a pleasant alternative to upholstery. Our Elliot clients enjoy the versatility of slipcovers. You can clean them. You can take advantage of having two looks for your furniture, the slipcover and the original upholstery, at different times of the year. We cut your furniture to custom fit in your home. We can fit tailored or casual depending on the piece, the fabric and your needs. Why choose Locatelli-Smith to create your custom slipcovers…

Reupholstery — Elliot

Before and after — Reupholstery

Quality, sentimentality, custom fabrics, fitting your needs... These are some of the reasons that you reupholster furniture. Every piece of furniture that comes to our shop is important to us. We treat every chair or sofa as if it were our own. We also make an effort to get to know our Elliot clients. Knowing you better as our client helps us understand your needs and wishes with regard to your furniture. We use the best quality materials in filling our furniture. Learn more about our reupholstery services.

Cornices and Headboards — Elliot


Upholstered cornices and headboards can add a lot of impace or accent a room. Coordinating with bedspreads, pillows, dust ruffles and drapes can add a distinct look to your room. We fabricate custom headboards in various shapes (square, curved, cameled, shirred, tufted, boxed, etc.) and sizes. Custom cornices are built specifically for your space and design. They can be shirred, scalloped, one step, two step, bridge, pointed bridge and plain. We can add decorative trim or jumbo welt, as well. The height and depth of your custom cornices depends on room design and whether there will be drapes behind the cornice. Cornices and headboards can either be custom made from scratch or reupholstered. Why choose Locatelli-Smith to create your custom upholstered headboards and cornices…

Our long-standing reputation in Elliot for fine quality reupholstery and our dedication to customer service have been highlighted by The Boston Globe in an article entitled "The Sofa's New Clothes" by Patti Doten.
— archive date 04/16/1998